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hula girl
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Friday, August 9, 2013

another stencil girl bloghop!

Just wanted to let u know,  hop on over to, Stencil girl talk for another blog hop going on right now, they are giving away  some more fabulous stencil girl stencils, so hurry up! aloha, angi in hana

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

homemade gesso!

here is a pic of my first trial batch of homemeade gesso! i found the recipe on you-tube(of course) and since it was simple, used all household products, and the artist that had the recipe really did all the leg work, she was very picky and did a great testing of many recipes and this one was her favorite too. equal parts baby powder, elmer type glue, and white paint, i used white acrylic as it was all i had but she used leftover household paint. i used it for the base of the above collage, i always add paper and a piece of fabric to my base layer for texture, i loved the consistency, better than the recent cheap gesso i bought, i am a huge fan of gesso and use it alot, but it is expensive so u can imagine how happy i am! i also found a recipe for modeling paste, i will let u know how it turns out after i try it1 aloha, angi in hana

Sunday, August 4, 2013

sunday swap projects!

aloha! i have 2 swaps to send out this week and i have been working on them this weekend. the one on the left is to be a crown, it has taken me alot of figuring out how i want it to look, i want it to be similar to an actual crown, so now all i have to do is staple my 2 pieces together and add alot of bling, the 3 ATC's will be M,N, and O for an alphabet swap, i did the backgrounds with some stencils and colored them in with prismacolor markers,  the letters i will glue on are cut out of cardboard box material, and each one will be a hawaiian word so they will all blend together. but for now i am going to take a break and go sit in my yard in the sun and stare at the ocean dreamng of my next projects. aloha, angi in hana
p.s. all my swaps are with an awesome group over at, "an altered place", if u get a chance, check it out!