hula girl

hula girl
"keep aloha in your heart"

Friday, July 13, 2012

another aloha friday!

aloha bloggers! for anyone that is not familiar with hawaii, every friday is "aloha friday", as the song goes, "it's aloha friday, no work till monday, go surfin' on sunday,  and so on, i will try to find the song and post it, very popular and just another reason for people in hawaii to celebrate/party! this has been a great week for me, finally got my etsy store up and running and some jewelry pics on my blog, next i will put a link for my etsy shop and work on facebook, slowly but surely, mahalo to all the  bloggers out there with helpful hints and that offer some guidance for all the tech stuff. almost done and then we can start playing and learning together, hawaiian style! aloha, angi in hana

Thursday, July 5, 2012

aloha bloggers, big day for this wahine in hana!!

aloha bloggers! and happy day after america's b-day, my husband reminded me yesterday that it really was not a holiday for hawaiians though since their goal is to return to sovereignty(an independant nation), yeah my husband is hawaiian. anyways my big day today is after many many moons i finally posted some pics of my jewelry! this is a huge hurdle for me! thanks god for my adult kids, could not have done without them or my husband, it was a family affair or as we say in hawaii, ohana . aloha! angi in hana