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hula girl
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Friday, August 9, 2013

another stencil girl bloghop!

Just wanted to let u know,  hop on over to, Stencil girl talk for another blog hop going on right now, they are giving away  some more fabulous stencil girl stencils, so hurry up! aloha, angi in hana

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

homemade gesso!

here is a pic of my first trial batch of homemeade gesso! i found the recipe on you-tube(of course) and since it was simple, used all household products, and the artist that had the recipe really did all the leg work, she was very picky and did a great testing of many recipes and this one was her favorite too. equal parts baby powder, elmer type glue, and white paint, i used white acrylic as it was all i had but she used leftover household paint. i used it for the base of the above collage, i always add paper and a piece of fabric to my base layer for texture, i loved the consistency, better than the recent cheap gesso i bought, i am a huge fan of gesso and use it alot, but it is expensive so u can imagine how happy i am! i also found a recipe for modeling paste, i will let u know how it turns out after i try it1 aloha, angi in hana

Sunday, August 4, 2013

sunday swap projects!

aloha! i have 2 swaps to send out this week and i have been working on them this weekend. the one on the left is to be a crown, it has taken me alot of figuring out how i want it to look, i want it to be similar to an actual crown, so now all i have to do is staple my 2 pieces together and add alot of bling, the 3 ATC's will be M,N, and O for an alphabet swap, i did the backgrounds with some stencils and colored them in with prismacolor markers,  the letters i will glue on are cut out of cardboard box material, and each one will be a hawaiian word so they will all blend together. but for now i am going to take a break and go sit in my yard in the sun and stare at the ocean dreamng of my next projects. aloha, angi in hana
p.s. all my swaps are with an awesome group over at, "an altered place", if u get a chance, check it out!

Friday, July 26, 2013

really fun bloghop!

i just spent the morning at stencilgirl talk bloghop, if u get a chance check them out, besides the chance to win one of their awesome stencils, i felt like attended an art class as i learned so many tricks/techniques! here is apic of my 3 mermaids i did for a swap at an altered place, enjoy and live aloha! angi in hana

Thursday, July 25, 2013

some new artwork pics!

here are some of the collages/multi media pics i have been working on, i started doing more of this as i  joined a swap group, "an altered place" and i love doing this kind of art, although i keep telling myself everyday i need to make jewelry, but i am having fun and my back does not miss the hammering right now! my goal is to use the collage pics in some pendants, so we will see, aloha for now, angi in hana

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

winter in hana!

Doesn't get much cuter! Can you believe this was taken a couple days ago in my yard, it really was the first real sunshine we had in a couple weeks and only lasted about 20 minutes and we had to go inside as it started to sprinkle again, but who am i to complain! This is Kai, our 10 month old grnddtr, aloha, angi in hana

Saturday, January 19, 2013

aloha blog party!

Aloha E komo Mai! Welcome to my little part of this island blog party! I am so excited, i just got on-line, i really do live in a very rural area of maui, 2.5 hours from town! One of the negatives is difficulty with internet/cable, but i am here now! My name is Angi, I am married to a really special person named Hank, we have 4 adult kids and 4 little grndkids, that is vinnie(waioloi) in the photo fishing right across the street from my house, i wanted to show you where i live, hana, maui. I was a registerd nurse for 30 yrs on maui and have always done crafts/ metalmithing for the last 10 yrs or so for mental health! i took early retirement to help with the grdkids and try to do jewelry making and crafting as a small family buisiness, i went in to a major artist block a couple years ago and that is when i became addicted to following jewelry/craft blogs as a way to get inspired and after much persistence and reading many blogs and the artists stories my light came back! So i decided i wanted to start a blog, part as payback, maybe i could inspire someone. i learned there are alot of self taught artists like myself and i have learned alot of great techniques/skills following blogs, and i also found myself wanting to be a part of the special bloggers friendship/support i noticed over and over amongst the different blogs i went to, so here i am! A big mahalo to vicki for hosting this party over @ "2 bags full", i have learned getting your blog up and running is a little harder than i realized so this is huge for me! I can't wait to meet all you new blog friends today and over the next however long it takes,  oh yeah i almost forgot i am doing a give away! all you have to do is leave a post and on feb 1st i will do a drawing for a special piece of jewelry, i could not decide which piece of jewelry to use, if you prefer bangle or necklace let me know in your comments and maybe i  will decide that way! It will be real nice, i promise! Aloha, angi in hana